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Journaling For Self-Care Community

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Angie Clay Self-Care Advocate

Hello beautiful people! I'm Angie, the imaginative soul steering the wellness vessel known as Liberate and Lather. With a heart that beats for the rustle of notebook pages, the thrill of a bargain find, the freedom of natural hair, and the boundless journey of a nomad, I'm on a mission to find beauty and wellness in the most unexpected places.

In the world of Liberate and Lather, we're taking the fullness of fat and transforming it into lush, skin-embracing, aroma-rich treasures. Picture this - a soap that melts seamlessly into your hot shower, wrapping you in a creamy, scented embrace, and hand-poured soy wax candles that twinkle like stars, filling your space with a warm, inviting glow.

But our journey into wellness doesn't stop there. As a journal writer for 31 beautiful years, I've learned the powerful practice of self-care through the written word. This act of self-love and exploration has been so transformational I've woven it into the very fabric of Liberate and Lather.

Enter our "Journaling for Self-Care" community, a haven where women are empowered to express themselves and work through challenges, using journaling as their guide. We're here to shed the weight of what holds us back and step into the light of our best lives. Because at Liberate and Lather, we believe the bathing ritual is just the beginning of a wellness journey that touches every aspect of our lives. 

Moses Lake, Washington
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